Thursday, December 18, 2008

Belated Resin Recap

I had so much friggin fun once again that I am just getting around to talking about it. As a former soccer player - all I know about playing football I have learned from being a part of the spectacle that is the Resin Bowl. I study the playbook of the big guy in the top right picture and suddenly I understand. Ben was in his first game back since knee surgery - made a cut as seen in lower left pic and his leg was still attached when it was all said and done. Twas the first year that there were second generation Resinites - Ben's nephew Michael and Matt's son Drew they seemed to have plenty of fun - except for the part where Drew was the recipient of a flying body that knocked him out of bounds - welcome to the Resin Bowl son. Next year is the "Official" 20th Bowl and we are aiming to make it extra special. I am hoping that we can go old school and have a little sideline barfing - there has been none of that for awhile which means we are either getting old and lame or that our bodies are processing the alcohol much more efficiently. There is talk of t-shirts, pregame - during game and post game festivities - okay that part kinda goes on all of the time - and a History of the Resin Bowl pictorial. Considering that every year we play and talk about how we had so much fun that we need to play at the six month mark and it never happens - we may just end up being happy with the ever full cooler of beer on the sidelines. That being said - the call goes out to our dear graphic designing friend in the pacific northwest that we miss more and more every year he is not on the sidelines and works for a company that is spelled very much like Bike or Hike - we need a design for a t-shirt and that maybe we would also put on a flag that we can plant in the ground every year to mark our territory. You know who you are - and we need your help. I mean sure I could do it myself but the football might look like an egg and if there were people involved they would have to be stick figures and then I would have no idea how to get that on a t-shirt unless I did it directly with a marker and then would have to do them all by hand but at least if I numbered them they would be unique and might end up collectors items but probably not. You get my point. I truly digress and lose my train of thought. In summary - the Resin Bowl rocks - everyone has fun - my pregame no one play like an asshole speech is either working or we are getting too old to bother tackling and breaking noses or maybe we just want this bad boy to keep on going as long as we can. Long live Resin. Oh and I am proud of most of you guys not being scared of a buzz. Play on.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Join the Fight with Team Fatty

I have no idea who even reads this thing but Stephanie and I have signed on for a cause today. We both signed up to take part in the Philly Livestrong Challenge in August - she is going to ride the 10 mile version and I the 70. I have been following the blog of The Fat Cyclist for some time - a link can be found in the sidebar. His wife has inoperable brain cancer and it is his intention to break team records in not only all four Livestrong regional challenges but to also decimate the overall fundraising record. It only takes a few moments of reading his posts to get excited about the cause. As I not only have family members who have fought their own personal battles with cancer - some of which strangely enough do not even tell me that they have found masses - I have also had a bit of the cancer removed from my neck a few months ago and so this whole thing struck a chord with me. Bottom line is we are going to need everyone's help to even get there as we each need to raise at least $250 to have the opportunity to join the ride. So as we do not have any kids that have been trying to sell you cookies or wrapping paper or other things of the such and as we have not really done anything like this before - we are hoping we will far surpass that number. We are going to try and divide and conquer so as not to hit everyone up twice - I know these are difficult economic times so anything that can be spared will be greatly appreciated. I am going to compile a list of e-mails which will give you a link to one of our pages. In the interim if you really cannot control the urge to donate - by all means check out or - if you need any motivation just check out the link to Fat Cyclist in the sidebar. It is my promise that should we end up with a child they will have a direct edict to not harass any of you with their childish fundraising pursuits - if you do not donate however they will have your arse on speed dial. I crack me up.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Yes boys and girls that IS the smell of Resin in the air once again. The boys are psyched for that chance that just maybe this will be their year on the highlight reel - sure the highlight might be some puking on the sidelines or a broken nose or two - but those of us that are not capable of a one handed catch need a moment in the sun too. The girls are psyched to get rid of us for a few hours yet send us off with trepidation as to just what the size of our pupils will be when we return home. I know that at 39 I am just hitting puberty and have plenty of good years left in me - shit I will play on a walker if I must - I just hope my diaper does not leak - although that does make for some good tv. For all those Bowlers that cannot be here for one reason or another - I thank you for giving this soccer player a chance to actually make it in the game in your absence - sure I have no damn idea what the hell they are talking about when they tell me to streak right - just know I have a damn fun time getting there wherever that may be. I think I am going to go out and start training now. Gobble gobble.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Flight of Time

I gotta say time has flown faster than a mofo this year. Somehow we are midway through November and a New Year is shining on the horizon. Too much fun - too much stress - just plain old? No damn idea but time is haulin arse. I have been extremely fortunate to have been doing a buttload of riding my bike this year. Road rides. Mountain rides. Cruiser rides. Cross rides. Early morning rides. Night rides. Solo rides. Group rides. Rinse. Repeat. Good friggin stuff. I have refurbished a number of bikes this year and I am getting pretty damn good at it. Everytime I finish one project I start eyeing the other bikes on the wall to decide who is next. Keeps me busy - or maybe it is a convenient excuse to be in the garage next to the beer fridge. There are truly worse habits to have I imagine - bikes not the beer fridge that is. Oh by the way - 15 days to the RESIN BOWL - 16 to the RESIN ROLL - the most wonderful time of the year. Ride on mofos!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seriously Folks

Maverick? Change? Quite gay actually - more so even scary. As soon as I figure out how to link a video - the revolution will be televised.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shout Out

Just a quick shot out to the new and bound by law - and god - Martinez partnership - is the plural Martini (eye)? I do not know but they are in Aruba right now and they could probably give a crap about my quandries. I digress. I was fortunate enough to be present for the marital union of Janine and Mike this weekend and I had a blast. Had the good fortune of an unexpected mountain bike ride with Jason while our gals headed out at the ungodly hour of 6:30 (AM!!!) to go get coiffed. We only had an hour but it was enough to sweat out all impurities and prime the pump for the festivities that were to follow. The post reception party was a hoot - I was told the hosts had a bitchin tiki bar - they surely did. I walked away from the evening with thoughts of man cave improvements dancing in my head. Can you use a chainsaw on bricks? Just wondering. My bride to be looked beautiful and I cannot wait until she can trade that green gown in for white. Soon. I am not sure where the hell the summer went - but I know I had a heck of alot of fun. Summer recap coming soon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Relaxation - Check

Beach Week 2008 was one for the history books. Mother Nature was very kind with only one day of clouds but no rain on our parade. I think we broke a new record for consumption of adult beverages and no one got hurt. The ocean was pretty friggin cold which lead to shrinkage and a difficult time peeing in the ocean - that is one man's opinion. We got a great new umbrella set up this year - giant nap blankets, one in the sun and one in the shade and one nasty one that the kids liked to kick sand all over. Aside from the burn on my tender inner thigh meat and my scalp on the first day - strange that a visor does not protect the top of my head - proper sun protection was practiced all week. Stephanie set a new record for beach naps AND got a pretty new pink boogie board. Eric and Karen made their shore debut for a night this year - strangely we went through at least two thirty packs on the beach that day and Karen put Eric in a few timeouts. My belly hurt from laughing. The kids once again outsmarted the pirates and found their hidden treasure - who knew the pirates had access to battery powered nail dryers? Steph bribed - uh I mean taught Nathan to tie his shoes - hopefully he did not forget that valuable knowledge. Momz did not go over the edge with all the excitement and did her share of helping us try to deplete our adult beverage stores - AND she rode a bike for the first time in a long time - you really never do forget. And most importantly -
Stephanie and I decided to get married in Wildwood next year as we have so many great memories there already - we saw a couple getting married onthe beach one evening as the sun was setting which aided our decision. Nate Dog requested August 21st as the date - his birthday - so we are going to do what we can to make that happen. Next on my list is getting in touch with the Visitor's Bureau to see just how we make that happen. Will try and give everyone plenty of time to make arrangements and spend a few days with us on the beach before the big day.
So in summary - damn fun week - no one got hurt - we are getting married in Wildwood. Wahoo! Ciao.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Thank you to all. Thanks to those who even take a minute to look at this page. Thanks to all who have stuck around while I spun my wheels in the mudpit that is life - fun times no? Thanks to those who kept believing even when they couldn't believe that I did not learn my lesson last time - and the time before that. Thank you to those who put a smile on my face when I did not feel like smiling. Thanks for understanding that sometimes I am just crusty - thanks for realizing that I am forever working on being less of a prick - it gets easier every day. Thanks to those who make me what I am and not trying to make me be something that I am not - thanks for understanding that I am still looking to define my purpose and I promise it will be worth the wait. Thanks to the Princess that came into my life - who has always been in my life and my heart - but I never knew just how special she was - we will do great things together. Again just thanks - you all are so special to me and truly have made great impressions in my life - I know I do not always express it and am sometimes a tough read - but I notice and I appreciate all that I have been given the opportunity to experience. Happy 4th to all - even though I write this on the 5th - thank you!

Monday, June 30, 2008


Gotta love summer - and underwater cameras. Steph and I took well over a hundred pics yesterday at the pool - Stonecrest membership rocks as much as the camera. Although we have not had a run of very hot weather here on the east coast - we have definitely been getting our money's worth with our pool membership. How can you not love the fact that you can bring a cooler stocked with adult bevvies and perch your arse poolside. We hit the diving board for over an hour yesterday - showed those young kids how it is done and no one got hurt! I do not think that I have used a diving board that much combined in my 38 years on this sphere. I got the front flip dialed but still am nervous about going backward - maybe before the end of summer. Have a fun filled week coming up - our first Iron Pigs game on Thursday - in the Morning Call box none the less - that should rock as I have heard nothing but great things about the new stadium - except for the no alcohol signs in the parking lot - that is why God created plastic cups. Picnics and fireworks for the 4th - and who can forget the magic bestowed upon the world 39 years ago on July 5th? I gotta admit I am lucky to have a birthday that falls next to one of the biggest U.S. holidays of the year - one that does not jip you as far as presents go - say like if your birthday happened to fall next to Christmas. The weather is great in July and everyone is partying anyway on the 4th - so why not celebrate my birthday for at least two days? Have never thought of a good reason not to and am not going to stop now - I really try and stretch it into the week to month range. This week will also hold another extremely important milestone - the anniversary of my first date with Stephanie on the 2nd - I am blessed to have her in my life and that adds yet another thing to celebrate this week. Told you it is going to be a good week. The Tour de France kicks off on my birthday this year - champagne for breakfast - I friggin love the Tour and watch as much of it as possible - gotta find the evasive link so I can listen to it over the internet while I work - come to think of it I really need to find myself a better cowbell too - can scare the shit out of my coworkers ringing that bad boy as I listen. I love bikes and all things associated with them. I love how I heap all of my rambling thoughts into one big paragraph - not that anyone should be surprised. Enjoy the shit out of yourselves - I will check back soon.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Something tells me one piece cranks circa 1950ish were not designed to be ridden with such veracity. It could be the squares that I pedal in - even though I would love to think it is my massively powerful legs. I chased the bike race around Allentown on this bad boy and might have pushed it one big hill too many. So anyhoo - I just got a new set of bearings and put Humpty back together again - then we had a lovely Friday long ride into the office. That being said - I have been having so much fun with one speed that I have been obsessing over something a little more svelte. I have been looking and looking and looking and I suppose you get the point. Got to talking to my man Scott at the Bike Line in Allentown about this yesterday and he turned me onto a super sweet ride from Origin 8 - the best part is - just a little over four hundred bucks complete. I spoke to my beautiful banker/fiance about my dreams yesterday and me buying a bike for that amount seemed reasonable to her - that is at least she did not laugh at me. The truth of the matter is - any money that I/We spend on bikes truly is paid for in a few months time - that is if I am not spending three grand on a bike - which would probably get her laughing at me. I love bikes and I am not afraid to admit it - it is truly much better than being in love with doughnuts or automobiles with 8 cylinder engines. So we are going to work on starting the special saving plan for my newest bike lust - reasonable bike lust at that.
On another note - the annual Saucon Valley Community Center golf tourney is upon us. Boozer and El Wapo will be arriving in town on Sunday evening so that we can carbo-load for the ungodly early start on Monday morning. I usually drink more yellow beer in those two days than I do in an entire year - that is really not such an exaggeration. My perennial foursome of Matt, Keith, Chris and myself will be joined by that of Boozer, Greasy, Leon and The Kibbs. The second is a new foursome and we will all be starting on the same tee - should make for a day of great laughs and lots of peeing - damn yellow beer. Do not want to rush through the weekend but I am counting the moments until the silliness. Good laughs.
Have a great weekend all - enjoy the poop out of yourselves.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Great Stuff

More kharma repair took place in the form of an event called Girls on the Run. Stephanie had seen their booth when we were picking up our packets for the Half Marathon and I got on board when I saw that they were still looking for volunteers for the event. Broken down to it's base - this is a program that is being developed to build self-confidence in young women - the bigger picture is that it is a fantastic event for all involved parties. The girls spent a few months training with volunteer coaches - training with a goal of finishing a 5k run. There were a plethora of skill and fitness levels for both the girls and the volunteers. It was the intent of the organizers to pair the girls with an adult who would be able to keep up with them - some of these young ladies were pretty darn quick. The first finisher came in somewhere around the 25 minute mark and the last closer to an hour. It is hard to pick what the most touching moment of this event was - I am going to say it was the group of girls that ran back out after they finished to help pace their slower friend to the finish line. The enthusiasm of all participants was refreshing. Last fall there were 9 girls from one school participating - this race had 75 girls from 8 schools and I would estimate there to be about 50 volunteers - everyone with big ole smiles on their faces. This event was such a success that it is hard to imagine it not growing even larger. If you are in the Allentown area I have to encourage you to get involved because it is such a fantastic cause - if not I would look for similar events as it is truly good for the soul.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Sweet Jesus what a hoot. I really hope that Allentown appreciates the blessing that this bike race is to the Valley and that they bust their arses to keep it here - give me a ring if you need help. First leg of the Commerce Bank Triple Crown rolled through town on Tuesday and I am already counting the days until next year. The Fireman and I split two gears between us and headed out to chase this race around town. Started out our journey by riding downtown to search for some schwag - caught a bit of the women's Elite race - got some t-shirts and a pretzel and set to plannin' on our next stop. We decided instead of watching the start and then then struggling through traffic to get to our next stop - we would head out to a point fairly well out and wait for them to come to us. We headed off towards the Parkway - battled it out with an older father/son team on tricked out road bikes until they rode another direction - I think they were scared - and chose a spot two thirds of the way up the switchbacks heading towards the North parkway. There were a handful of folks waiting there already - including aforementiond father/son - they dug our bikes - we dug theirs - started taking bets on when the first rider would hit the climb - Fireman chose lowest at 7 and a half minutes and even he was high - these dudes were haulin ass. Watched two laps there and headed up a bit further North - figuring we would hang just past the feed station and lay in wait for some discarded schwag - or swag - depends how you roll - we left that spot after lap 4 schwagless and swagless - turns out we were a bit too far past feed station. Headed out to 24th St to head back South as the feeling was the descent down 24th followed by a hard right might prove for some excitement - the ride down 24th was amazing - maybe the coolest part of the day was that the streets of Allentown were empty except for people and bikes - smiling people at that - wild - we ruffled the feathers of Spang's Army a little bit - they kept telling us we were not allowed on the road - the Fireman kept telling them no - I fear authority - even those goobers - and would head up onto the sidewalk for a few moments before I dropped back to the street. So anyhoo - smiling people and bikes - what the hell - heaven? The vantage point from Hamilton St was stellar - no crashes thankfully as I do not think it would have been pretty - saw a dear friend I have not seen for way to long - people who love bikes will even bribe their kids with candy so that they can go see the bike race - great stuff. A few more laps - Tyler is in there somewhere - then off to our next stop. Rode east on Hamilton towards St. Luke's - one big assed hill and one big assed gear - not for the faint of heart - tried to keep the momentum rolling as we hit the incline - got cheers and cowbell ringing for my climb on that old Schwinn. Fireman needed to head towards home to walk the dog so I headed with him and we stopped for a nice tall cold beer - heaven? I intended to head back after the Fireman departed but got another visitor - had another beer and some shit shootin' in the sunshine. Decided to cut the grass and let the beauty of the day soak in. Damn that was fun. Has been a feel good week after such a tough weekend. Girls on the Run update soon. Peace.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This bad boy turned out better than I could ever have imagined. God bless the crew at the Bike Line in Allentown - they honestly are the best game around - I thank them for their patience and space. Check them out if you need anything and let them know I sent you - it honestly pays dividends. So anyhoo - I took the maiden voyage on this bad boy by putting it into service as my commuter last Friday - it rocked. One big ole gear which takes awhile to get up to speed - but once it is rolling - smooth as butter. Takes me awhile to remember I have no ability to freewheel and that I cannot spin the tires when I stomp on the pedals - but slow and steady wins the race. Did I mention it has a coaster brake? That takes a bit of thought as well. Have been on this exclusively since I finished it and I am pretty sure it will be my main ride for anything under 25 miles. Schweet. All kinds of bike fun recently - will post that shortly - hint: Lehigh Valley Classic baby!!! Peace out.

Monday, June 2, 2008

God Speed my Friend

Stephanie and I lost a very dear member of our family this weekend. After almost 14 years as Stephanie's dedicated companion we had to make the unenviable decision to send Thomas on to the next world. We found out almost a month ago that he had an extremely aggressive tumor - inoperable so the only option was to watch this disease slowly wear him down. He was with Stephanie through some of the toughest times that life could throw at her and fortunately was still around when we found each other again to start a new phase of both of our lives. I thank him for being there through thick and thin - making her smile when not much else could. Hopefully he left this earth knowing that we have found a peace in our lives that has been missing for a long time and that he will be forever in our hearts. God speed my friend - we love you and miss you terribly.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Is that F@$#%&N Sunshine?

Sweet Jesus the funk is finally lifting. Sunshine today and the weekend just supposed to keep getting better and better. Steph and I are manning (and womaning) the beer truck at Mayfair tonight and tomorrow afternoon. So after riding the picture on the left home - I am going to start preparing top feel like the picture on the right. Boozer and Karen on their way Sunday. Looking forward to it all. Best wishes to all for peace and happiness on this much beeded holiday. A shout out to my peeps and peepettes - I am so darn politically correct with my slang - enjoy the S%&T out of yourselves.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pimpin my Ride

I found myself with some time on my hands Sunday as the weather has pretty much been a poop sandwich as of late. As much as I wanted to be cutting the grass and edging and weeding and trimming bushes and taking care of fallen tree limbs and the list goes on - mother nature told me to honk off. I have not had a block of time in a few years that I could just spend a block of time tinkering. I have been collecting bikes and parts thereof for years and it was time to take some action. I stripped all parts off of an old Schwinn, sanded and wire brushed years of scars and got a new coat of paint on it. Cleaned up all the salvageable parts and ordered a new set of wheels. My intent is to make this my errand bike and I have started researching cargo trailers. I am hoping to use this to make trips to the grocery store and anywhere else I do not need to go in a hurry. As pool season is upon us - I am looking for a trailer that will haul our beach bag, chairs and cooler filled with delicious adult beverages. It seems that I (we) will need to spend about 200 beans - but am hoping that it will pay for itself within a year. Will see how that works out. If I get lucky I will find a used one at a decent price - or I will win the lottery and it will not friggin matter - will still be using this bad boy for errands. I love bikes and have many more projects lying in wait. I think the next one needs to be pink.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Blogless in PA

Damn - you know time flies when you are having fun. Last post - drama drowned by great fun. So much has happened since - but you surely would not know by surfing this sorry site. See - the thing is - I am not a big fan of sitting in front of a computer in my spare time. I sit in front of one all day when in my office - but do not think that is the place to document my titilating life. When I get home - sitting in front of a comuter is really not high on my priority list. But I babble. Anyhoo - life is great - aside from the incesant flow of snot from my nostrils at the moment. Pleasant I know - just be thankful you are not a tissue. Maybe the problem is I had so much fun in Clarks Summit/Scranton for St. Pats celebration that I left my camera there. I miss my denim skirt. Anyhoo - hope y'all are well - anyone who even knows this thing exists has spoken to me 37 times anyway. Maybe life is just so good that I do not need to vent to the masses - yeah that's it. Come home little camera. I am off to try and evacuate my sinuses with a turkey baster. Sweet.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


In times of need for smiles friends are the best remedy - true friends - not those phony fockers. Lucky for me I have some solid peeps. The celebration of our Patron Saint Patrick is for me a time to connect with those that I do not spend nearly enough time with. Scranton is the destination and Clarks Summit is the starting point - Boozer Schaeffer Principal Extrodinairre's house to be exact - let us not forget that it all starts with a great woman so Karen is truly the one who has the roots to get us there in the first place. I had a mentally challenging day Friday - I am the first to admit I am not perfect and will admit my transgressions freely - I am not however willing to accept blame for others skankiness - veiled referencece but...I forgot my friggin kilt because of aforementioned skankiness. A lesser man may have been shaken - but fortunately as soon as I saw Eric's smiling face I gladly accepted a Mickey's and let kiltgate pass. Matt was questionable - wanted to be there - was dealing with his own issues - knew that for the sake of recharging his faith in humanity he should be there - was still game day decision - he made it!!! That would be a side note exept for the fact that he was sporting a kilt and he was doling guff for the fact that I did not have mine - Benetton in town - they have plaid - best store ever they need a rebirth - man going to Benetton to buy a 100 dollar skirt does not fit into the budget - Karen has skirts - that is crazy talk - Matt is much bigger than me and I should not argue - long of the short is I decide (group decision) to wear a flare bottom (new lingo for me - I shook it like a poloroid picture once I figured out what was all about) and my darling Stephanie made me a sign to wear that explained why the hell I was wearing a denim skirt. All gravy from there - I thank all that extended their kindness - both the Lee and the Brennan famillies are top shelf - if you are ever in Allentown please look us up.

Random new paragraph. What I am trying to say is I love my friends - especially my best friend Stephanie. There is forever mentally taxing refuse assaulting one's mind - friends who truly love you - priceless. Thanks to all that have been understanding in the tumultuous times - lord knows there have been many - the good news is that the best is yet to come.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Better than Christmas!

I am pretty sure that even God would not mind me saying that from a buzz seekers point of view - St. Patrick's Day is better than Christmas. It is time for my annual pilgrimage to the Scranton area to celebrate this glorious time of year with dear friends. Every year the itinerary changes just a little bit but I can always be assured of laughing until my face hurts and drinking beer until my belly hurts. It has to be close to ten years that I have been heading North for the St. Pat's parade in Scranton and in all of those years I have seen the parade exactly once. I am sure it is lovely - one can hear the glorious sound of bagpipers for miles - but to be quite honest - way too many people. Through my good friend Eric (Boozer to those in the know) and his wife Karen we have been fortunate enough to become annual guests of a gathering at Lee Electric Supply. I truly inspire to throw such a fantastic gathering some day. They generously open their warehouse - expand it with a tent - fire up a beer truck with ten taps!!! - and share their love with all comers. Fortunately Stephanie has no business travel this year and will be able to attend. We are heading up this evening (our second week anniversary of engagement) to spend some quality time with Karen and Eric - and then up bright and early tomorrow to start the celebration. A full report of all festivities that are printable to follow. In the interim - get your Irish on!!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Holy crap. Anyone who has not checked out the link to "Up in Alaska" on here really should. We are talking tears while you read type of literature. I bow down to this girl - then I must offer an obligatory curse because now I feel guilty when I whine that I do not want to go out for a 7 mile run. Crikey. I have been engaged to a wonderful woman (a Princess really) for one whole week!! Things are looking up - Happy Friday!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Special Leap Day

Well folks today may have been the most special Leap Day ever - hope y'all felt it. After very much sneaking around - I was able to surprise Stephanie with an offer of spending the rest of her life as Mrs. Sherry. She screamed and ran out the door laughing hysterically - but I am hoping she makes it back to accept my offer sometime soon. I jest. I totally caught her off guard - she thought it was originally one of my silly jokes and was getting ready to scold me - a glimmer of The Rock must have bounced off her retina right before I received her wrath because she quickly determined I was not kidding. I surely was not. Our life together has been special - we have helped each other recover from some pretty rough times. I have nothing but high hopes for the good times we will share not only together but with all of you. We thank you all for your love and support over the years and look forward to being able to celebrate with you all. Celebrating is my forte!! I did a good job no? Peace.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No really - I am going to friggin write about American Idork. I am new at this and have really not gotten in touch with my inner poster - I have to admit I harbor a mild animosity towards the term blogger - it probably stems from the fact that I am really not a big fan of technology - one may quickly surmise that grammar was not one of my favorite studies either. That being said - since Stephanie has entered my life, I have jumped on the Idork bandwagon. It really is strangely amusing - give me a little hooch and I am a karaoke king - I want to be these friggin kids. I am sure there is something more intellectually fulfilling I could be indulging in as we have hundreds of channel choices - high def even - crap, on that note we always end up forgetting about the high def channels - Simon's cashmere would JUMP on high def - but I digress. So for the moment every Tues - Weds - Thurs - I am tuned in and talking to the television. Ryan Seacrest - I am pretty sure he is an alien looking to take over the world - there is no other way he would not have been laughed out of that industry by now. Randy whatever the hell his name is - The Dawg as far as he would have you believe - Mr. Third Person - he is really just on the show to keep people who have beaten the stomach band in the public eye. Paula - I friggin want some of what she is enjoying - no I am not talking about lip synching and jazz hands - although if it comes in pill form she can keep it. Simon really is the man - I need more black tees and have to go back to parting in the middle - of my hair that is - cannot blame him for keeping it real dog. Look what has become of me - happy. Spread the word - this will get better once I can walk outside without instant shrinkage - yes it is true, soon I shall be sharing tales of weeding the flower beds!!! Peace out.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Holy Chocolate

According to my man Nate Dog - on the 8th day, god created chocwit. Stephanie and I were struggling with what to get the boys for Christmas this year. Do they really need another toy? Rhetorical. Gift cards are nice - but bland. We needed something with a wow factor. My sis suggested a hockey game and I tried to pretend like it was my idea. I do not think any of us quite imagined what a great trip it would be for all of us - pretty sure no one left disappointed. Stephanie suggested early on that we book a room at the Hershey Lodge - again a winner - again I pretended like it was my idea. Damn these girls are smart.

So - we pick up Andrew and Nathan Saturday afternoon and head West for some serious adventure - and chocwit. Holy chocwit. We checked in to is Chocolate Covered February - I think Stephanie may have been as excited as the boys as she makes no secret of her love for chocolate. Maybe it is me - it usually is - but it seems strange to me that Chocolate Covered February is also Black History Month. My mind flows in tangents - but I digress. Four chocwit (Nathan's pronunciation) bars at check in - gave one to each and they disappeared with a quickness. Hershey Kisses and Cholcolate bars wander around the lobby - the boys probably start wondering if this is what heaven will be like.

I did promise an attempt at concise no?

Hockey game rocked - boys wanted to play hockey in the hall when we got back - we said no that would be inconsiderate only to walk through corridor to our room to find two boys playing hockey in the hallway - we still said no - they proceeded to play hockey in the room for over an hour while Stephanie and I enjoyed a night cap (or two) - Sunday up at a reasonable hour - Andrew plays some video games while Nate Dogs goes to work on a large bag of Reese's Pieces - he lets Andrew, Steph and I have approximately two apiece and goes back at it - we check out and grab a bite to eat before heading to Chocolate World - the boys start floating above the ground - everywhere we go someone is handing us some version of chocolate - we do it all - Nate Dog wants to live in the chocolate tank - Andrew loves Sourz - 3D show rocked and spilled us out into the chocwit store with a pocket full of kisses - that is only the beginning - 50 bucks worth of chocwit should hopefully get us back to Breinigsville - Andrew chose the dark chocolate loaf and Nate Dog the milk chocwit - pics tell the rest of the story.

Stephanie has a new protective chocolate coating on the rear seats of her car.

Nate Dog dreamed of chocolate and Andrew loves to look at himself in the mirror with his new hockey puck hat and hillbilly teef.

Nobody puked - nobody cried - everybody laughed a bunch.

Cannot wait til next year!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I've Been Blogged

Props to my man Deano Bravo - The Fresh Prince of Brattleboro - for setting this thang up for me. Technology ain't my bag. Thank you to all of those Bloggers that have entertained me for so long that I felt it was time for me to get my Blog on - I have been inspired and entertained - I have laughed until I have almost peed my pants - I have shed a tear - I have gotten my butt out in the cold for some exercise because I surely cannot justify my spot on the couch when a young gal in Alaska is out riding into 50mph winds in subzero temps. Lord knows what you may find if you should happen upon this site - I apologize in advance and I do not promise to keep it clean - Parental Guidance is recommended - not in a porn kind of way, just possibly some salty language. I will try not to ramble but can make no guarantee there - on that note I am off. Cheers!

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's snowing out today

I finally got an opportunity to take my snow blower out for a ride today. It had been patiently waiting for enough snow to fall in order to be put to the test. Today's trail run went swimmingly.