Friday, December 18, 2009

Another Year in the Rearview Mirror

Seasons greetings y'all.  Doubt anyone has even checked here as I have not posted since February.  A whole year has once again flown by.  Going on three years in our house.  16 as a Boyce Associate!  Sweet jesus.  Going on 6 months in a new and much upgraded (over the last) marriage.  I cautiously say - LIFE IS GOOD!  Season greetings to you all.  Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010.  I smell a resolution to post more often and with meaning in the works.  I love you all.  Cheers.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Time Flizzies

Where the hell does time go? I guess the combination of wind - cold and a way busy schedule have somehow taken me straight in to the end of February. I have been fortunate to keep my fitness schedule pretty well intact and am ready for increased miles when things finally friggin warm up around here. Enough wind and freexing cold already. Not sure what I was thinking when I left the house this morning but there are 40 mile an hour winds raging - it is below freezing and I chose to ride in today. Here's to hoping the wind is at my back for my trip home - although somehow I always seem to be riding in the wind in both directions. Will make me tougher I suppose. This facebook thing is sweeping the world and seriously cutting into my updates - I know all three of you have been dying to know what the hell I have been up to - although you already know from facebook anyway. I needed more places to babble. The Iditarod Challenge is starting soon - I am pretty sure I still have a link up there - so if you have a chance check out Jill Homer's progress and send her your warm and happy thoughts. I will try and do more interesting things so I can bestow my witicisms upon all. Peace