Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No really - I am going to friggin write about American Idork. I am new at this and have really not gotten in touch with my inner poster - I have to admit I harbor a mild animosity towards the term blogger - it probably stems from the fact that I am really not a big fan of technology - one may quickly surmise that grammar was not one of my favorite studies either. That being said - since Stephanie has entered my life, I have jumped on the Idork bandwagon. It really is strangely amusing - give me a little hooch and I am a karaoke king - I want to be these friggin kids. I am sure there is something more intellectually fulfilling I could be indulging in as we have hundreds of channel choices - high def even - crap, on that note we always end up forgetting about the high def channels - Simon's cashmere would JUMP on high def - but I digress. So for the moment every Tues - Weds - Thurs - I am tuned in and talking to the television. Ryan Seacrest - I am pretty sure he is an alien looking to take over the world - there is no other way he would not have been laughed out of that industry by now. Randy whatever the hell his name is - The Dawg as far as he would have you believe - Mr. Third Person - he is really just on the show to keep people who have beaten the stomach band in the public eye. Paula - I friggin want some of what she is enjoying - no I am not talking about lip synching and jazz hands - although if it comes in pill form she can keep it. Simon really is the man - I need more black tees and have to go back to parting in the middle - of my hair that is - cannot blame him for keeping it real dog. Look what has become of me - happy. Spread the word - this will get better once I can walk outside without instant shrinkage - yes it is true, soon I shall be sharing tales of weeding the flower beds!!! Peace out.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Holy Chocolate

According to my man Nate Dog - on the 8th day, god created chocwit. Stephanie and I were struggling with what to get the boys for Christmas this year. Do they really need another toy? Rhetorical. Gift cards are nice - but bland. We needed something with a wow factor. My sis suggested a hockey game and I tried to pretend like it was my idea. I do not think any of us quite imagined what a great trip it would be for all of us - pretty sure no one left disappointed. Stephanie suggested early on that we book a room at the Hershey Lodge - again a winner - again I pretended like it was my idea. Damn these girls are smart.

So - we pick up Andrew and Nathan Saturday afternoon and head West for some serious adventure - and chocwit. Holy chocwit. We checked in to is Chocolate Covered February - I think Stephanie may have been as excited as the boys as she makes no secret of her love for chocolate. Maybe it is me - it usually is - but it seems strange to me that Chocolate Covered February is also Black History Month. My mind flows in tangents - but I digress. Four chocwit (Nathan's pronunciation) bars at check in - gave one to each and they disappeared with a quickness. Hershey Kisses and Cholcolate bars wander around the lobby - the boys probably start wondering if this is what heaven will be like.

I did promise an attempt at concise no?

Hockey game rocked - boys wanted to play hockey in the hall when we got back - we said no that would be inconsiderate only to walk through corridor to our room to find two boys playing hockey in the hallway - we still said no - they proceeded to play hockey in the room for over an hour while Stephanie and I enjoyed a night cap (or two) - Sunday up at a reasonable hour - Andrew plays some video games while Nate Dogs goes to work on a large bag of Reese's Pieces - he lets Andrew, Steph and I have approximately two apiece and goes back at it - we check out and grab a bite to eat before heading to Chocolate World - the boys start floating above the ground - everywhere we go someone is handing us some version of chocolate - we do it all - Nate Dog wants to live in the chocolate tank - Andrew loves Sourz - 3D show rocked and spilled us out into the chocwit store with a pocket full of kisses - that is only the beginning - 50 bucks worth of chocwit should hopefully get us back to Breinigsville - Andrew chose the dark chocolate loaf and Nate Dog the milk chocwit - pics tell the rest of the story.

Stephanie has a new protective chocolate coating on the rear seats of her car.

Nate Dog dreamed of chocolate and Andrew loves to look at himself in the mirror with his new hockey puck hat and hillbilly teef.

Nobody puked - nobody cried - everybody laughed a bunch.

Cannot wait til next year!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I've Been Blogged

Props to my man Deano Bravo - The Fresh Prince of Brattleboro - for setting this thang up for me. Technology ain't my bag. Thank you to all of those Bloggers that have entertained me for so long that I felt it was time for me to get my Blog on - I have been inspired and entertained - I have laughed until I have almost peed my pants - I have shed a tear - I have gotten my butt out in the cold for some exercise because I surely cannot justify my spot on the couch when a young gal in Alaska is out riding into 50mph winds in subzero temps. Lord knows what you may find if you should happen upon this site - I apologize in advance and I do not promise to keep it clean - Parental Guidance is recommended - not in a porn kind of way, just possibly some salty language. I will try not to ramble but can make no guarantee there - on that note I am off. Cheers!

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's snowing out today

I finally got an opportunity to take my snow blower out for a ride today. It had been patiently waiting for enough snow to fall in order to be put to the test. Today's trail run went swimmingly.