Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Relaxation - Check

Beach Week 2008 was one for the history books. Mother Nature was very kind with only one day of clouds but no rain on our parade. I think we broke a new record for consumption of adult beverages and no one got hurt. The ocean was pretty friggin cold which lead to shrinkage and a difficult time peeing in the ocean - that is one man's opinion. We got a great new umbrella set up this year - giant nap blankets, one in the sun and one in the shade and one nasty one that the kids liked to kick sand all over. Aside from the burn on my tender inner thigh meat and my scalp on the first day - strange that a visor does not protect the top of my head - proper sun protection was practiced all week. Stephanie set a new record for beach naps AND got a pretty new pink boogie board. Eric and Karen made their shore debut for a night this year - strangely we went through at least two thirty packs on the beach that day and Karen put Eric in a few timeouts. My belly hurt from laughing. The kids once again outsmarted the pirates and found their hidden treasure - who knew the pirates had access to battery powered nail dryers? Steph bribed - uh I mean taught Nathan to tie his shoes - hopefully he did not forget that valuable knowledge. Momz did not go over the edge with all the excitement and did her share of helping us try to deplete our adult beverage stores - AND she rode a bike for the first time in a long time - you really never do forget. And most importantly -
Stephanie and I decided to get married in Wildwood next year as we have so many great memories there already - we saw a couple getting married onthe beach one evening as the sun was setting which aided our decision. Nate Dog requested August 21st as the date - his birthday - so we are going to do what we can to make that happen. Next on my list is getting in touch with the Visitor's Bureau to see just how we make that happen. Will try and give everyone plenty of time to make arrangements and spend a few days with us on the beach before the big day.
So in summary - damn fun week - no one got hurt - we are getting married in Wildwood. Wahoo! Ciao.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Thank you to all. Thanks to those who even take a minute to look at this page. Thanks to all who have stuck around while I spun my wheels in the mudpit that is life - fun times no? Thanks to those who kept believing even when they couldn't believe that I did not learn my lesson last time - and the time before that. Thank you to those who put a smile on my face when I did not feel like smiling. Thanks for understanding that sometimes I am just crusty - thanks for realizing that I am forever working on being less of a prick - it gets easier every day. Thanks to those who make me what I am and not trying to make me be something that I am not - thanks for understanding that I am still looking to define my purpose and I promise it will be worth the wait. Thanks to the Princess that came into my life - who has always been in my life and my heart - but I never knew just how special she was - we will do great things together. Again just thanks - you all are so special to me and truly have made great impressions in my life - I know I do not always express it and am sometimes a tough read - but I notice and I appreciate all that I have been given the opportunity to experience. Happy 4th to all - even though I write this on the 5th - thank you!