Saturday, July 5, 2008


Thank you to all. Thanks to those who even take a minute to look at this page. Thanks to all who have stuck around while I spun my wheels in the mudpit that is life - fun times no? Thanks to those who kept believing even when they couldn't believe that I did not learn my lesson last time - and the time before that. Thank you to those who put a smile on my face when I did not feel like smiling. Thanks for understanding that sometimes I am just crusty - thanks for realizing that I am forever working on being less of a prick - it gets easier every day. Thanks to those who make me what I am and not trying to make me be something that I am not - thanks for understanding that I am still looking to define my purpose and I promise it will be worth the wait. Thanks to the Princess that came into my life - who has always been in my life and my heart - but I never knew just how special she was - we will do great things together. Again just thanks - you all are so special to me and truly have made great impressions in my life - I know I do not always express it and am sometimes a tough read - but I notice and I appreciate all that I have been given the opportunity to experience. Happy 4th to all - even though I write this on the 5th - thank you!

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