Monday, June 30, 2008


Gotta love summer - and underwater cameras. Steph and I took well over a hundred pics yesterday at the pool - Stonecrest membership rocks as much as the camera. Although we have not had a run of very hot weather here on the east coast - we have definitely been getting our money's worth with our pool membership. How can you not love the fact that you can bring a cooler stocked with adult bevvies and perch your arse poolside. We hit the diving board for over an hour yesterday - showed those young kids how it is done and no one got hurt! I do not think that I have used a diving board that much combined in my 38 years on this sphere. I got the front flip dialed but still am nervous about going backward - maybe before the end of summer. Have a fun filled week coming up - our first Iron Pigs game on Thursday - in the Morning Call box none the less - that should rock as I have heard nothing but great things about the new stadium - except for the no alcohol signs in the parking lot - that is why God created plastic cups. Picnics and fireworks for the 4th - and who can forget the magic bestowed upon the world 39 years ago on July 5th? I gotta admit I am lucky to have a birthday that falls next to one of the biggest U.S. holidays of the year - one that does not jip you as far as presents go - say like if your birthday happened to fall next to Christmas. The weather is great in July and everyone is partying anyway on the 4th - so why not celebrate my birthday for at least two days? Have never thought of a good reason not to and am not going to stop now - I really try and stretch it into the week to month range. This week will also hold another extremely important milestone - the anniversary of my first date with Stephanie on the 2nd - I am blessed to have her in my life and that adds yet another thing to celebrate this week. Told you it is going to be a good week. The Tour de France kicks off on my birthday this year - champagne for breakfast - I friggin love the Tour and watch as much of it as possible - gotta find the evasive link so I can listen to it over the internet while I work - come to think of it I really need to find myself a better cowbell too - can scare the shit out of my coworkers ringing that bad boy as I listen. I love bikes and all things associated with them. I love how I heap all of my rambling thoughts into one big paragraph - not that anyone should be surprised. Enjoy the shit out of yourselves - I will check back soon.

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Glibbidy said...

Everyone needs more cow-bell!
Yeah, why stop at celebrating one or two days, I'm all for stretching out the birthday thing for at least a week.
Bon anniversaire!