Friday, June 13, 2008


Something tells me one piece cranks circa 1950ish were not designed to be ridden with such veracity. It could be the squares that I pedal in - even though I would love to think it is my massively powerful legs. I chased the bike race around Allentown on this bad boy and might have pushed it one big hill too many. So anyhoo - I just got a new set of bearings and put Humpty back together again - then we had a lovely Friday long ride into the office. That being said - I have been having so much fun with one speed that I have been obsessing over something a little more svelte. I have been looking and looking and looking and I suppose you get the point. Got to talking to my man Scott at the Bike Line in Allentown about this yesterday and he turned me onto a super sweet ride from Origin 8 - the best part is - just a little over four hundred bucks complete. I spoke to my beautiful banker/fiance about my dreams yesterday and me buying a bike for that amount seemed reasonable to her - that is at least she did not laugh at me. The truth of the matter is - any money that I/We spend on bikes truly is paid for in a few months time - that is if I am not spending three grand on a bike - which would probably get her laughing at me. I love bikes and I am not afraid to admit it - it is truly much better than being in love with doughnuts or automobiles with 8 cylinder engines. So we are going to work on starting the special saving plan for my newest bike lust - reasonable bike lust at that.
On another note - the annual Saucon Valley Community Center golf tourney is upon us. Boozer and El Wapo will be arriving in town on Sunday evening so that we can carbo-load for the ungodly early start on Monday morning. I usually drink more yellow beer in those two days than I do in an entire year - that is really not such an exaggeration. My perennial foursome of Matt, Keith, Chris and myself will be joined by that of Boozer, Greasy, Leon and The Kibbs. The second is a new foursome and we will all be starting on the same tee - should make for a day of great laughs and lots of peeing - damn yellow beer. Do not want to rush through the weekend but I am counting the moments until the silliness. Good laughs.
Have a great weekend all - enjoy the poop out of yourselves.

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