Friday, May 23, 2008

Is that F@$#%&N Sunshine?

Sweet Jesus the funk is finally lifting. Sunshine today and the weekend just supposed to keep getting better and better. Steph and I are manning (and womaning) the beer truck at Mayfair tonight and tomorrow afternoon. So after riding the picture on the left home - I am going to start preparing top feel like the picture on the right. Boozer and Karen on their way Sunday. Looking forward to it all. Best wishes to all for peace and happiness on this much beeded holiday. A shout out to my peeps and peepettes - I am so darn politically correct with my slang - enjoy the S%&T out of yourselves.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pimpin my Ride

I found myself with some time on my hands Sunday as the weather has pretty much been a poop sandwich as of late. As much as I wanted to be cutting the grass and edging and weeding and trimming bushes and taking care of fallen tree limbs and the list goes on - mother nature told me to honk off. I have not had a block of time in a few years that I could just spend a block of time tinkering. I have been collecting bikes and parts thereof for years and it was time to take some action. I stripped all parts off of an old Schwinn, sanded and wire brushed years of scars and got a new coat of paint on it. Cleaned up all the salvageable parts and ordered a new set of wheels. My intent is to make this my errand bike and I have started researching cargo trailers. I am hoping to use this to make trips to the grocery store and anywhere else I do not need to go in a hurry. As pool season is upon us - I am looking for a trailer that will haul our beach bag, chairs and cooler filled with delicious adult beverages. It seems that I (we) will need to spend about 200 beans - but am hoping that it will pay for itself within a year. Will see how that works out. If I get lucky I will find a used one at a decent price - or I will win the lottery and it will not friggin matter - will still be using this bad boy for errands. I love bikes and have many more projects lying in wait. I think the next one needs to be pink.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Blogless in PA

Damn - you know time flies when you are having fun. Last post - drama drowned by great fun. So much has happened since - but you surely would not know by surfing this sorry site. See - the thing is - I am not a big fan of sitting in front of a computer in my spare time. I sit in front of one all day when in my office - but do not think that is the place to document my titilating life. When I get home - sitting in front of a comuter is really not high on my priority list. But I babble. Anyhoo - life is great - aside from the incesant flow of snot from my nostrils at the moment. Pleasant I know - just be thankful you are not a tissue. Maybe the problem is I had so much fun in Clarks Summit/Scranton for St. Pats celebration that I left my camera there. I miss my denim skirt. Anyhoo - hope y'all are well - anyone who even knows this thing exists has spoken to me 37 times anyway. Maybe life is just so good that I do not need to vent to the masses - yeah that's it. Come home little camera. I am off to try and evacuate my sinuses with a turkey baster. Sweet.