Monday, June 9, 2008

Great Stuff

More kharma repair took place in the form of an event called Girls on the Run. Stephanie had seen their booth when we were picking up our packets for the Half Marathon and I got on board when I saw that they were still looking for volunteers for the event. Broken down to it's base - this is a program that is being developed to build self-confidence in young women - the bigger picture is that it is a fantastic event for all involved parties. The girls spent a few months training with volunteer coaches - training with a goal of finishing a 5k run. There were a plethora of skill and fitness levels for both the girls and the volunteers. It was the intent of the organizers to pair the girls with an adult who would be able to keep up with them - some of these young ladies were pretty darn quick. The first finisher came in somewhere around the 25 minute mark and the last closer to an hour. It is hard to pick what the most touching moment of this event was - I am going to say it was the group of girls that ran back out after they finished to help pace their slower friend to the finish line. The enthusiasm of all participants was refreshing. Last fall there were 9 girls from one school participating - this race had 75 girls from 8 schools and I would estimate there to be about 50 volunteers - everyone with big ole smiles on their faces. This event was such a success that it is hard to imagine it not growing even larger. If you are in the Allentown area I have to encourage you to get involved because it is such a fantastic cause - if not I would look for similar events as it is truly good for the soul.

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