Saturday, February 23, 2008

I've Been Blogged

Props to my man Deano Bravo - The Fresh Prince of Brattleboro - for setting this thang up for me. Technology ain't my bag. Thank you to all of those Bloggers that have entertained me for so long that I felt it was time for me to get my Blog on - I have been inspired and entertained - I have laughed until I have almost peed my pants - I have shed a tear - I have gotten my butt out in the cold for some exercise because I surely cannot justify my spot on the couch when a young gal in Alaska is out riding into 50mph winds in subzero temps. Lord knows what you may find if you should happen upon this site - I apologize in advance and I do not promise to keep it clean - Parental Guidance is recommended - not in a porn kind of way, just possibly some salty language. I will try not to ramble but can make no guarantee there - on that note I am off. Cheers!

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Glibbidy said...

Ehem, nice donkey, or is it a jack-ass?