Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No really - I am going to friggin write about American Idork. I am new at this and have really not gotten in touch with my inner poster - I have to admit I harbor a mild animosity towards the term blogger - it probably stems from the fact that I am really not a big fan of technology - one may quickly surmise that grammar was not one of my favorite studies either. That being said - since Stephanie has entered my life, I have jumped on the Idork bandwagon. It really is strangely amusing - give me a little hooch and I am a karaoke king - I want to be these friggin kids. I am sure there is something more intellectually fulfilling I could be indulging in as we have hundreds of channel choices - high def even - crap, on that note we always end up forgetting about the high def channels - Simon's cashmere would JUMP on high def - but I digress. So for the moment every Tues - Weds - Thurs - I am tuned in and talking to the television. Ryan Seacrest - I am pretty sure he is an alien looking to take over the world - there is no other way he would not have been laughed out of that industry by now. Randy whatever the hell his name is - The Dawg as far as he would have you believe - Mr. Third Person - he is really just on the show to keep people who have beaten the stomach band in the public eye. Paula - I friggin want some of what she is enjoying - no I am not talking about lip synching and jazz hands - although if it comes in pill form she can keep it. Simon really is the man - I need more black tees and have to go back to parting in the middle - of my hair that is - cannot blame him for keeping it real dog. Look what has become of me - happy. Spread the word - this will get better once I can walk outside without instant shrinkage - yes it is true, soon I shall be sharing tales of weeding the flower beds!!! Peace out.

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