Saturday, March 1, 2008

Special Leap Day

Well folks today may have been the most special Leap Day ever - hope y'all felt it. After very much sneaking around - I was able to surprise Stephanie with an offer of spending the rest of her life as Mrs. Sherry. She screamed and ran out the door laughing hysterically - but I am hoping she makes it back to accept my offer sometime soon. I jest. I totally caught her off guard - she thought it was originally one of my silly jokes and was getting ready to scold me - a glimmer of The Rock must have bounced off her retina right before I received her wrath because she quickly determined I was not kidding. I surely was not. Our life together has been special - we have helped each other recover from some pretty rough times. I have nothing but high hopes for the good times we will share not only together but with all of you. We thank you all for your love and support over the years and look forward to being able to celebrate with you all. Celebrating is my forte!! I did a good job no? Peace.


G$ said...

Yahooooo!!!!! Awesome news guys, I dub thee Shemerkels, or how about Merrys, Merksherels??? Whatever you call it, we call it a perfect fit! I could tell when I stayed with you last September that you two kids were living blissfully!

Sometimes it takes going tough really hard times to truly appreciate when things are just right!

We couldn't be happier about the news, and look forward to celebrating with you next time our paths cross. Which better be before the big day!

Big Love!
Stronglianos (G & Melanie)

Glibbidy said...

You are da man!

Mary-Beth said...

YAY!!! I'm so happy for both of you. I'm glad the two of you found each other. I wish you all the happiness and health to you and your future together.

With Love,
Mary-Beth :-)

James S said...

congrats to both of you.....i'm glad to see things have taken a turn for the best with both of you...

I linked your page to mine :


Anonymous said...

After dating for more than seven years, it's about time you popped the question.