Tuesday, March 18, 2008


In times of need for smiles friends are the best remedy - true friends - not those phony fockers. Lucky for me I have some solid peeps. The celebration of our Patron Saint Patrick is for me a time to connect with those that I do not spend nearly enough time with. Scranton is the destination and Clarks Summit is the starting point - Boozer Schaeffer Principal Extrodinairre's house to be exact - let us not forget that it all starts with a great woman so Karen is truly the one who has the roots to get us there in the first place. I had a mentally challenging day Friday - I am the first to admit I am not perfect and will admit my transgressions freely - I am not however willing to accept blame for others skankiness - veiled referencece but...I forgot my friggin kilt because of aforementioned skankiness. A lesser man may have been shaken - but fortunately as soon as I saw Eric's smiling face I gladly accepted a Mickey's and let kiltgate pass. Matt was questionable - wanted to be there - was dealing with his own issues - knew that for the sake of recharging his faith in humanity he should be there - was still game day decision - he made it!!! That would be a side note exept for the fact that he was sporting a kilt and he was doling guff for the fact that I did not have mine - Benetton in town - they have plaid - best store ever they need a rebirth - man going to Benetton to buy a 100 dollar skirt does not fit into the budget - Karen has skirts - that is crazy talk - Matt is much bigger than me and I should not argue - long of the short is I decide (group decision) to wear a flare bottom (new lingo for me - I shook it like a poloroid picture once I figured out what was all about) and my darling Stephanie made me a sign to wear that explained why the hell I was wearing a denim skirt. All gravy from there - I thank all that extended their kindness - both the Lee and the Brennan famillies are top shelf - if you are ever in Allentown please look us up.

Random new paragraph. What I am trying to say is I love my friends - especially my best friend Stephanie. There is forever mentally taxing refuse assaulting one's mind - friends who truly love you - priceless. Thanks to all that have been understanding in the tumultuous times - lord knows there have been many - the good news is that the best is yet to come.


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