Friday, March 14, 2008

Better than Christmas!

I am pretty sure that even God would not mind me saying that from a buzz seekers point of view - St. Patrick's Day is better than Christmas. It is time for my annual pilgrimage to the Scranton area to celebrate this glorious time of year with dear friends. Every year the itinerary changes just a little bit but I can always be assured of laughing until my face hurts and drinking beer until my belly hurts. It has to be close to ten years that I have been heading North for the St. Pat's parade in Scranton and in all of those years I have seen the parade exactly once. I am sure it is lovely - one can hear the glorious sound of bagpipers for miles - but to be quite honest - way too many people. Through my good friend Eric (Boozer to those in the know) and his wife Karen we have been fortunate enough to become annual guests of a gathering at Lee Electric Supply. I truly inspire to throw such a fantastic gathering some day. They generously open their warehouse - expand it with a tent - fire up a beer truck with ten taps!!! - and share their love with all comers. Fortunately Stephanie has no business travel this year and will be able to attend. We are heading up this evening (our second week anniversary of engagement) to spend some quality time with Karen and Eric - and then up bright and early tomorrow to start the celebration. A full report of all festivities that are printable to follow. In the interim - get your Irish on!!

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