Friday, May 9, 2008

Blogless in PA

Damn - you know time flies when you are having fun. Last post - drama drowned by great fun. So much has happened since - but you surely would not know by surfing this sorry site. See - the thing is - I am not a big fan of sitting in front of a computer in my spare time. I sit in front of one all day when in my office - but do not think that is the place to document my titilating life. When I get home - sitting in front of a comuter is really not high on my priority list. But I babble. Anyhoo - life is great - aside from the incesant flow of snot from my nostrils at the moment. Pleasant I know - just be thankful you are not a tissue. Maybe the problem is I had so much fun in Clarks Summit/Scranton for St. Pats celebration that I left my camera there. I miss my denim skirt. Anyhoo - hope y'all are well - anyone who even knows this thing exists has spoken to me 37 times anyway. Maybe life is just so good that I do not need to vent to the masses - yeah that's it. Come home little camera. I am off to try and evacuate my sinuses with a turkey baster. Sweet.

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Saul Good said...

Hopefully that post was so enthralling you did not notice that I typed comuter instead of computer. Duh.