Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pimpin my Ride

I found myself with some time on my hands Sunday as the weather has pretty much been a poop sandwich as of late. As much as I wanted to be cutting the grass and edging and weeding and trimming bushes and taking care of fallen tree limbs and the list goes on - mother nature told me to honk off. I have not had a block of time in a few years that I could just spend a block of time tinkering. I have been collecting bikes and parts thereof for years and it was time to take some action. I stripped all parts off of an old Schwinn, sanded and wire brushed years of scars and got a new coat of paint on it. Cleaned up all the salvageable parts and ordered a new set of wheels. My intent is to make this my errand bike and I have started researching cargo trailers. I am hoping to use this to make trips to the grocery store and anywhere else I do not need to go in a hurry. As pool season is upon us - I am looking for a trailer that will haul our beach bag, chairs and cooler filled with delicious adult beverages. It seems that I (we) will need to spend about 200 beans - but am hoping that it will pay for itself within a year. Will see how that works out. If I get lucky I will find a used one at a decent price - or I will win the lottery and it will not friggin matter - will still be using this bad boy for errands. I love bikes and have many more projects lying in wait. I think the next one needs to be pink.

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