Monday, November 24, 2008


Yes boys and girls that IS the smell of Resin in the air once again. The boys are psyched for that chance that just maybe this will be their year on the highlight reel - sure the highlight might be some puking on the sidelines or a broken nose or two - but those of us that are not capable of a one handed catch need a moment in the sun too. The girls are psyched to get rid of us for a few hours yet send us off with trepidation as to just what the size of our pupils will be when we return home. I know that at 39 I am just hitting puberty and have plenty of good years left in me - shit I will play on a walker if I must - I just hope my diaper does not leak - although that does make for some good tv. For all those Bowlers that cannot be here for one reason or another - I thank you for giving this soccer player a chance to actually make it in the game in your absence - sure I have no damn idea what the hell they are talking about when they tell me to streak right - just know I have a damn fun time getting there wherever that may be. I think I am going to go out and start training now. Gobble gobble.


Anonymous said...

Go get 'em Saul! I'll be there in spirt, and trying to bring a little Res-bowl action to our game in Portland.



Glibbidy said...

We enjoyed a resin-roll on Turkey day