Thursday, December 18, 2008

Belated Resin Recap

I had so much friggin fun once again that I am just getting around to talking about it. As a former soccer player - all I know about playing football I have learned from being a part of the spectacle that is the Resin Bowl. I study the playbook of the big guy in the top right picture and suddenly I understand. Ben was in his first game back since knee surgery - made a cut as seen in lower left pic and his leg was still attached when it was all said and done. Twas the first year that there were second generation Resinites - Ben's nephew Michael and Matt's son Drew they seemed to have plenty of fun - except for the part where Drew was the recipient of a flying body that knocked him out of bounds - welcome to the Resin Bowl son. Next year is the "Official" 20th Bowl and we are aiming to make it extra special. I am hoping that we can go old school and have a little sideline barfing - there has been none of that for awhile which means we are either getting old and lame or that our bodies are processing the alcohol much more efficiently. There is talk of t-shirts, pregame - during game and post game festivities - okay that part kinda goes on all of the time - and a History of the Resin Bowl pictorial. Considering that every year we play and talk about how we had so much fun that we need to play at the six month mark and it never happens - we may just end up being happy with the ever full cooler of beer on the sidelines. That being said - the call goes out to our dear graphic designing friend in the pacific northwest that we miss more and more every year he is not on the sidelines and works for a company that is spelled very much like Bike or Hike - we need a design for a t-shirt and that maybe we would also put on a flag that we can plant in the ground every year to mark our territory. You know who you are - and we need your help. I mean sure I could do it myself but the football might look like an egg and if there were people involved they would have to be stick figures and then I would have no idea how to get that on a t-shirt unless I did it directly with a marker and then would have to do them all by hand but at least if I numbered them they would be unique and might end up collectors items but probably not. You get my point. I truly digress and lose my train of thought. In summary - the Resin Bowl rocks - everyone has fun - my pregame no one play like an asshole speech is either working or we are getting too old to bother tackling and breaking noses or maybe we just want this bad boy to keep on going as long as we can. Long live Resin. Oh and I am proud of most of you guys not being scared of a buzz. Play on.

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